Getting Here

The best and cheapest way to get to Niseko Powder Hostel from Shin Chitose Airport is to catch a train to ‘Kutchan’ from the airport. It does take half an hour longer than the bus, but it’s also cheaper. It costs 2,630 yen vs 4,000 yen for the shuttle bus. You also get to see a bit more of the countryside, and you only have to make one change at ‘Otaru’. Easy.

Of course if you’re an eager beaver and want to go skiing straight away, or you don’t want to brave the train, you can catch the shuttle bus straight to Hirafu Welcome Centre and be on the hill 10 minutes after you arrive.

Up to you.

We will wait for you at the train station if you let us know what time you arrive 🙂

If we can’t make it for some reason, here is a map showing you how to get to our location from the train station.

You will see on the map that we are on ‘Route 276’, near the intersection of ‘Route 5’. When you turn off route 5 onto route 276, after 3 sets of traffic lights we are the 6th house on the right. You will see the letters ‘NPH’ in our window. Here is a photo of the house being splattered with snow.

You can also catch a taxi. It will take approx 3 minutes and cost 1,000 yen. Just give them this address: Blue House, 13, Kita-3, Higashi-2, Kutchan-Cho, Abuta-gun. If they can’t find it, you can try saying ‘Koinrandori ato Kutchan Byoin’ (the laundromat after Kutchan Hospital). Then we are 6 houses further down the street on the right, blue house with orange/white garage and the letter NPH in the window.